Socially Distant EP

Socially Distant: solitary songs by Emma Flowers

is a group of songs that have a common theme. At a time when most of us are being asked to distance ourselves, these songs all reflect the experience of those who have already had to do that.

Don’t Turn Away is a plea to not turn our backs on those who are somehow different, whether through gender, sexuality , physical appearance – or even simply nationality.  We all share the same world.
The inspiration came from my first novel, “I Am Emily Hedge”, where the lyrics play an integral part.

The Hour Before Dawn asks why that known, yet to be known, or once known person isn’t with us in those dark hours in the middle of the night.

The Woman Inside is an attempt look at the world of those suffering with dementia, and its effect on the loved ones who see that person change from the inside.

Goin’ Back Home simply wants to know how we get there, and where home actually is.

Every song I write has a deep meaning for me, but I want them to be enjoyed by whoever listens. If a song also means something to you, that would make me very happy indeed.

Out Now!

Present Imperfect

To say these songs mean a lot to me is an understatement. I chose to put them together because they fit together and are different to many of the songs I write.
We live in times vastly different to those of our forebears, and yet we have the same struggles. We then have the added stress of constantly worrying about the future, which previous generations didn’t have the opportunity to.
Add in the struggles with mental health that many of us experience, you wonder how much rosier the picture is now.
These songs link the past, our imperfect present, and the fact that the future is yet to be written. We can rewrite that future, and there could be a better way.

Our Imperfect Present

Emma Flowers

Waiting For Tomorrow

I could not have made this album without the unstinting guidance, warmth and musical bonding I had with Martin Stephenson, a rarely surpassed talent in these islands.

They say “never meet your heroes…”. Martin is the exception that may prove that rule.He introduced me to some other fine musicians whose talent and musicianship has enhanced these songs. Thank you Martin, Malcolm and Niles; you just “got it”.


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