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I am someone who came late into songwriting; but rather than regret all the lost years, I plan to make every day I have full of music

– Emma Flowers

We all seem to need labels don’t we?

Ok, I’m a country/blues singer-songwriter, born in the wrong place to be a country artist, but the right place to write songs that reflect the struggle of ordinary people, their lives, their dreams and their tragedies.

I don’t write music to make money; I don’t write songs to sell anything. I write songs because I have to. Its the only way I can deal with the craziness of a world of such inequality and unfairness.

Like all of us, I am far from perfect, but so is the world we live in.

Maybe we can do something really small to make things better?

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I recorded my first 4 track EP “Present Imperfect” in 2018, as a call to heed the lessons of the past, as well as our imperfect present.

I was also delighted to have my first full album produced by and featuring the musical talent of the legendary Martin Stephenson.

My music is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTubeMusic, Amazon Music and Apple Music- but musicians like me really need and value the support of those who buy our music- and then listen on streaming platforms

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